Areas of expertise
  • Project & Program management
  • Line management ad interim
  • Training 
  • Coaching
  • Setup of Project Support Office (PSO)
  • Document management


Our approach...

We are focused more on the delivery of pragmatic solution instead of building nice theoretical models.

We do not implement our solutions. We implement the solution which is needed by our customers.

Our approach can take various shapes:

  • we can implement ourself the requested change and take the final responsibility of the solution delivery.
  • we can also help the customer to implement it under a coaching approach
Our flexibility allows us to perform missions on the customer premises (on site) or in our offices i.e. for reviewing documents, project or quality plans,...

our belief...

After se many years of piloting project we strongly belief that our approcach to conduct project toward success is to manage a good balance between technologies, processes (who does what and when) as well as Change Management.