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  • Project management


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Usually, Triangulum provides training session about various topics related to project management.

These sessions are organised according to 2 approaches.

The INTRA approach:

The seminar is organised inside your corporate organisation. With this approach, the seminar is especially customised to your needs :
  • One of several groups (the ideal group size would not be over 10 persons),
  • According to a 3 consecutive days calendar or according to a 3 free-days scheme,
  • Customised according to the attendees profiles and competencies,
  • Customisation in function of your specific issues.
The INTER approach;

The organisation, rooms reservation, and any other means such as PC, beamer, lunch is under the responsibility of the customer.
The seminar is organised for several companies. This approach has several advantages :
  • Experience sharing between several companies and organisations,
  • Personal evaluation before investing into a deep cultural and organisational change,
  • Escaping the day-to-day business life by attending to a seminar outside the company.
The seminar is held in a hotel facility located in the area of Brussels or Namur during 3 days. Seminar logistic is managed by TRIANGULUM.


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